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Building a Responsive Web

The digital market has exploded in the last few years with a whole host of browser-enabled devices, including game consoles, tablets, e-readers and of course smartphones, each utilizing its own browser, screen resolutions, orientations, and layouts.

This growth is set to continue with users expecting their web experiences to translate accordingly, and demand for scalable and responsive web design will persist and continue to expand.

Treaclesponge can help to reach your maxiumum audience.

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  • Simon Gill Architects
  • Furness Partnership

Freelance web designer and developer

Treaclesponge is a web development company located in London specialising in web technologies for SME's and non-profits. We use the latest best-practice to deliver quality web sites using HTML5, JQuery and CSS3 to build a better web.

Responsive Design

We can deliver responsive websites that are optimised equally for different sized monitors and mobile web providing your visitors with the very best experience regardless of the device they are using.

Scaleable solutions

Need a website that is scaleable and can be updated yourself? We can build your site using a content-management system such as Drupal or Wordpress. This delivers the benefits of an affordable web solution that puts you in control of the updates and ongoing costs.

Search Engine Optimisation

While we can never promise to get you to page one of Google or Bing (no-one can), we do employ industry best-practice to utilise the latest HTML5 semantic markup to provide the foundation for an optimized SEO website.